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Welded Mesh Machine
1. We have a patented weft position device ensuring non-magnetic stainless steel wire well positioned. This machine has a higher efficiency but even mesh holes

2. Weft insertion is made steadily and accurately. Compared to intermittent transmission structure, special designed coupling has lower noise, and reduces the possibility of intermittent transmission error. It allows for a longer service life, higher efficiency, better quality and save material cost.
3. The machine is more accurate, easy-operated and energy-saving controlled. Advanced welding control system allows for more accurate control on current and time. The precision can be millisecond. New power transformer saves energy, has a higher efficiency, ensure a better quality and allows for wider wire diameter range.
4. Electronic setting meter allows for an automatic stop when it reaches designated netting length. It helps for an easy control and better quality.
5. It has a dense structure, less land use and allows for kinds of wires. It is easy to operate and connect wires, with a higher efficiency by 20-30% than other similar machines in China.
The mesh has even and good-shaped mesh holes and a long life, suitable for interior room decoration, art, craft, preservation, animal breeding, etc.
1 XA-J-W6:
Mesh Opening(mm) 6.35-12.7(1/4’’-1/2’’)
Width(mm) 1219.2-1828.8(48’’-60’’)
Wire Diameter(mm) Ф0.74-Ф1.07
Production Length per Roll(mm) 120m(400’)
Welding Speed(r/m) 48
Energy Consumption 380/220v;50-60HZ;50KVAx6
Overall Dimension(mm) 3050×1900×1750
2 XA-L-W6:
Major Technical Parameter:
Mesh Opening(mm) 25.4-152.4(1’’-6’’)
Width(mm) 1219.2,1524,1828.8(48’’,60’’,72’’)
Wire Diameter(mm) Ф1.07-Ф2
Production Length per Roll(mm) 91.4m(300’)
Welding Speed(r/m) 45
Energy Consumption 380/220V;50-60HZ;50KVA×6
Overall Dimension(mm) 3350×1800×1400
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