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The normal and reverse twisted hexagonal wire weaving machine/The forward and backward twisted hexagonal wire weaving machine

The machine can weave light hexagonal wire mesh.
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Its features are bellows
1 high capacity.
Weaving speed 45-65time/mins. And super wide to 4meter
That means it can weave 4pieces of 1 meter wide mesh at same time.
2 forwards and backwards twisted.
That means the machine can run without any stop, only when the spool wire wear out, the machine will automatic stop.
3 auto stop system
Once the wire break, the machine will auto stop to insure the mesh quality.
4 tension control system.
It can control all the wires have some tension, to insure the mesh size same and upright.
Mesh size are 1/4",1/2",3/4",1",2", 3". Wire diameter from 0.4mm to 0.9mm.

Twisted hexagonal wire weaving machine Twisted hexagonal wire weaving machine
Twisted hexagonal wire weaving machine Twisted hexagonal wire weaving machine
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